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HummingBird Event Productions is the only
Authentic Native Decor company in British Columbia.

Our story began in 1996. During the past fifteen years we have produced events in every major hotel, casino, and convention centre in British Columbia, including the three main cities of Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler.

More recently we have designed events in Banff, and Calgary, Alberta. NOW! we are opening a new office in Mississauga, Ontario and will be taking part in our first event east of Alberta. We are pleased to be part of the Grand Opening for the New Ottawa Convention Centre on April 13, 2011.

We have designed events for all types of groups; International, National and Provincial Conventions, Incentive Movements, Corporate Functions, Government Conferences, Fundraising Events, Charities and Tour Groups. Our decor and entertainment have been enjoyed during Opening and closing Ceremonies, final dinners, themed functions, and receptions.

Working for and side by side with DMC's, Hotels, Event Planners, Association Executives, Native Organizations, as well as local and national governments, including Prime Ministers and Premiers.

Our Focus:

We pride ourselves on cultural authenticity, while understanding and implementing your requirements within the scope of your objectives. We do all this while keeping your budget well within your range of expenditure.

We look forward to working with you!

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