Outdoor EventOutdoor Event

Combining the natural outdoors with spectacular Art
for you and your guests pleasure

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01 - Off Site Dinner - Top of Grouse Mountain
02 - Outdoor Dinner Capilano Suspension Bridge
03 - Off Site -Tent Event with Cedar wrapped poles
04 - Outdoor Tented Function
05 - Tented Outdoor Reception & Dinner
06 - Outdoor Event with Native Decor
07 - Tented outdoor event at Museum of Anthropology
08 - Outdoor event with Native Buffet Table Display
09 - Tented Event with Native Mask on every pole
10 - Cedar Wrapped Pole with Mask and flowers
11 - Outdoor tented event in natural setting
12 - Totem Entrance to Tented Event

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia,
one of the mildest climates in Canada and home to spectacular natural scenery,
with many interesting venues to host off site events.

We can arrange everything from tenting, lighting, decor and entertainment
to make your outdoor event truly a success.

We can do it, just click!