Words Speak louder than advertisements!

Many of our group spoke to me personally afterwards to say how moved they were by the presentation and how much they had enjoyed the whole experience from decor to entertainment."
-- Rev.David Tatchell, Anglican Church of Canada

"I can report that the part of our conference which received the highest rating was our Native themed evening with the Chinook Song Catchers dance group. we were impressed with the dancing and costumes and in particular the warm hospitality."
-- Douglas J. Wilson, Government of British Columbia

The experience seems incongruous with the hectic commercialism of other alternative events for conferences or tourism in general."
-- Holly Nathan, Victoria Times-Colonist

"Judging by the comments of our guests, from across Canada, this was the highlight of the C.A.S.H.R.A. Conference."
-- John Joe, C.A.S.H.R.A. Conference

I have had the privilege of attending one of your functions before on another occasion and you still continue to impress me with the deep reverence your decor and entertainment highlights your traditions and culture."
-- Mavis Henery

"The dinner and dance performance were impressive by themselves but the whole evening was enhanced by the richness and splendor of the decorations and your attention to detail."
-- JamesT. Arnott, NAFC Conference

The warm spirit of you and your staff pervaded through the evening and is much appreciated. These words are said with a personal experience of six years of hosting medical conventions."
-- Alan T. Miyamoto, M.D., Chairman, National Radiological Society

"Steve, I can honestly say you are very professional, gracious and personable. Thank you for making our meeting a success. I deeply appreciate it."
-- Carl Satterfield, A.A.M., California Association of Hospitality Managers

I must single out the most lavish of praise for Mr. Steve Fenty. without his staunch attention to detail, his unfailing good humor, his readiness to help when every I needed him, the entire affair would not have been a success."
-- Mr. Donald L. Dickhens, Dean, University of Hawaii

"You do your company proud. Each and every detail was taken care of as discussed. Need I say, how happy that makes me."
-- Rose Buchholz-Danielson, Buchholz Travel Conference Planning Inc.

I've been doing this work for ten years and your service was the most nearly perfect I have ever had. I certainly hope that we will return at some future date to Vancouver."
--Helen L. Dobrowolski, National Association of Elementary Principals

"I would like to thank you for the job you did in organizing our Off -Site evening. Please accept our thanks for your excellent suggestions, and organization."
-- Jim Warren, President, Pacific Rim Cruise Association